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Solutions for stopping 2 plays in Madden NFL

Typically, I'm bitten by the HB Swing Screen on the first play of the game for a big gain. After that, I'm looking for it for the rest of the game and have a few ways to stop it that don't leave me vulnerable to other attacks. Here's the theory behind what I do to stop it on the fronts of Personnel, Position, and Tempo:


1. Personnel - Other than the halfback, there are no eligible receivers that are able to catch a pass on the HB Swing Screen to the left. They are all blocking. So you need only defend one person.


2. Position - The ball is going wide, so any defense you are going to muster should protect wide. Find combinations of these assignments to mitigate big gains: Blitz, Seam Flat (light purple), Hard Flats, Contain, and Man defense originating in the seam, and manually controlled spy defenders.


3. Tempo - Look for it whenever the ball is spotted on the hash mark and expect it toward the wide side of the field. Be ready when you see the HB motion across the formation, slide your linebackers and bring your secondary toward the line QUICKLY once the motion man starts so your opponent can't audible out.


Solutions for stopping 2 plays in Madden NFL


It's important, if your opponent audibles to attack the other side, that you don't go out of your way to setup on one side or the other. It's also important that you don't get stuck with one particular defense once you find one that works. You'll need several different defenses...


Nickel 3-3-5, Dollar - Man Cover 2. Flip your defense so that the linebacker covering the HB is on the side your expect the Swing Screen to go to. The HB will run toward the man covering him. Slide your linebackers as soon as you see the HB motion. 


Manually control the blitzing linebacker and be ready to run to the opposite side if you aren't able to flip the play.


Nickel Normal, Nickel 3-3-5, Dollar - Cover 3 Match. Hot route the defensive ends to Contain and play your corners in press coverage. Position one of the Seam Flat defenders about 5 yards deep and 1 yard inside the numbers.


Any Zone play with a Safety Blitz. Change the blitzing safety's assignment to man up on the HB and position him about 4 yards deep and 3 yards outside the DE's outside shoulder.


There are a ton more plays you can use to have success, but they will all rely on how you combine two or three assignments along with how quickly you shift AFTER the HB starts his motion.

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