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Rage quitting is a problem online in Madden

  "Very few in the Madden Community knows enough about defense to warrant 15 minute quarters." - RogueStorm187


That might be the most astute assessment of the Madden community that I've read in years... But it's deeper than that.


Think about it this way... Rage quitting is a problem online in Madden. IMO, it's a problem because the games are so long with 6 minute quarters. I record every game I play and they are run about 45 minutes long in real time. That's a long time to devote to a video game, not to mention any other preparation we might undergo. That run time is assuming we each run the ball 10+ times during the game. If we're both throwing 50+ passes, FORGET IT; games are an hour easily. To quote Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" The time commitment is the biggest reason we have an accelerated clock, that and people didn't want to wait 40 seconds for the offense to call audibles and hot routes.


Rage quitting is a problem online in Madden


To the guys that are talking about realism... That's not what video games are for. We don't ask for realism in other games. Imagine GTA if you had to put the sticks down for 5 to 10 years after knocking over the gas station. Would you play COD if your character walked with a limp for the rest of his life after getting shot in the knee? Of course not... Nobody would play the game more than once.


Furthermore, the bulk of this thread is about the angst associated with playing defense for ONE EXTRA DOWN. Stress always occurs when our hopes have become our expectations. Just because you hope your opponent will punt or kick a field goal on 4th down doesn't mean you should expect him to do either. After all, it's still his ball.


Personally, I like 6 minute quarters with an accelerated clock going down to 20 on the play clock. I might even go 7 minute quarters with accel clock. Take our the accelerated clock and 4 minute quarters would be OK. But 15? I have a job, friends, and other stuff to do. Besides, scores would be in the 100's - and we'd soon be arguing about whether those scores are realistic.


What this all comes down to is DEFENSE; and far to many Madden players don't know what they are doing.

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