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My Personal Opinions With Madden NFL Game

Another MNFLCoins time, feeling excited now? You know, people here at MNFLCoins are all fans of Madden game, we may have been playing Madden NFL for a very long time, and do have some feeling about this game. And I wanna to show my opinions first:


This game and the past two years. Is terrible. Not sure if you guys are so complacent because there isn't any competition or what it is. There is so much bad bout this game anymore.


My Personal Opinions With Madden NFL Game


Graphics in general. Jesus man. Make each player have specific things. Make qbs throw like they do in real life. Have players on the side line look the same as guys on the field. Heck in the super bowl the ref waves like he is the famous guest out there for the madden coins toss. The guys at the coins toss change with every scene cut. Have pre game them actually come out of a tunnel. Never seen a team lead a charge onto the field starting at the 10 yard line. Have actual 53 guys on the side line. Make it so you can't run through the stupid wall on the sidelines and end zones. The replay is god awful. Sometimes you can't challenge anything. Even if you don't look at a replay first. Then when you can it's wrong. I have a guy walk into the end zone they reviewed and said he was out at the one? The coaches are totally wrong. They respond to stuff that has nothing to with them. Their mad when the flags are in your favor? To me this is all just flat laziness.


Moving through the depth chart is painfully slow. You shouldn't have to start at the top of position depth chart when making changes. Let us use substitution and be able to play players on offense and defense.


I had a team play me on franchise. And run the clock out on theirself? The news is bad. Very bad. You can't even see some of the bad things written because you have it blending into the background.


You got with the jersey at the stadiums. But gameplay is so bad. Main menu is bad. Come on guys. You've put the same game out since 2015. The game play you switch players and switches to the wrong guys then you just run right past people trying to tackle them.


If you guys want to share your Madden NFL game ideas, just leave them below the comment area, it's my honor to share views with you, yes, we are all die-hard fans of Madden game, we all want to see a better Madden 18!

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