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Madden NFL Suggestion, for A Better Madden Game!

Think being a pass rusher should be more fun. With combos or something. Add maybe a speed burst button not the like the sprint button to gain the edge for faster players. A spin move to get around blockers. So for example you could speed burst to gain the edge then spin inside for the sack. Or speed burst/swim. maybe even add several ball swating animations to add excitement to the pass rush like you can swat and miss. the qb can get away easier by making it take longer for passrusher to get up. Also maybe one arm tackles/sacks white engaged in a block.


Run game


needs simpler controls to do sweet moves




Maybe add a missle launch version of hit stick to fly and smack your opponent i want to feel my control rumble everytime a big hit happens. i want to feel the on the field violence more. More injuries. maybe even add random injury animations and replays.




Ball should be harder to pick up


Maybe it gets boot around a lil bit more before being recovered.


Dropped passes


Maybe some should fly upward or left/right a lil more for chances at interception instead of straight down


Kick meter mentioned in previous post!!!


Madden NFL Suggestion, for A Better Madden Game!




Pregame.halftime.postgame.interviews with players/coaches like Nfl 2k5


Game highlights


Game ball presentation for best player like nba 2k does.


And stat overlays of best and worse performances.


Gameplay Camera angles


A lower angle more up close camera would be nice. something new. Closer to the action slightly above eye level. Like the back view on sunday night football or monday night football but with wider view to see back in flats and recievers as well.


Challenging plays and overturns should be more Adds excitement. Even if you have to make computer get a call wrong on purpose just so i have to challenge.presentation is key here.


Add personal fouls gameplay so i can take my frustration on my friends. even if it means 15 yards or ejection lol.


A big moment mode.maybe it can even be a optional gameplay setting. where i can temporarily slow the game down to give my self a chance to make a play on offense(find a running lane or open reciever/ avoid a pass rush) or defense(making a key tackle/sack/pick6). Maybe i can earn them throughout the game or get a set number to use or even home team only?


Crowd should get louder cheer/oos and awws in close 4th quarter games. Maybe boos and disturbances when getting blown out. D fence button to hype the crowd into saying dfence maybe temporarily lowers player ratings?


Easy one click running back sub


Playcall art could use a better look or color scheme even.


A visual audible/playbook. I want to see what i am changing my play to. I want to remember my current play without giving it away.


Man in motion animations are either to fast to slow or just unrealistic.

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