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Madden NFL Faceoff Jumping Issue

While I agree somewhat, you have to also bare in mind that not all faceoffs should be as cleanly won as they are in this game. In hockey, you have to be extremely skilled, strong, and lucky to pull off such clean direct wins. Usually, faceoffs are won as a result of help from the wingers coming in from the sides to help out.


Rarely in an NHL game do you see a faceoff won cleanly and directly back to a dman ready with his onetimer to blast away.


Rarely do you see a tie up so one sided that the player walks the opposing center backwards and holds them there. That's actually interference / holding.....but I digress...


Faceoffs need an overhaul, to say the least. I thought that if a player flinched during the faceoff he was supposed to basically auto-lose the draw or at least greatly diminishes your winning chances, especially if the other player doesn't flinch.....that isn't the case. It happens plenty. I've been in games (lag free ones) where certain centers would move their player as if in time with something (not spamming) and win the faceoff. and no...I'm not bad at faceoffs, not in the least.


Madden NFL Faceoff Jumping Issue


In lagged games I can understand since the input would be late, but even so, those who spam, switch hands to do that stupid flicking stick animation, or move first without the proper timing shouldn't be able to win faceoffs. Once the ref is set with his hand out, you shouldn't move until the puck is being dropped. After that, best timing & best counter wins. If both ppl mess up the timing, have it be a scrum. Simple.


To the OP, the only faceoffs that get picked off are the lift stick ones (either forehand or backhand) where it takes an extra half second for the faceoff to come out. You can sorta aim those faceoffs with the LS like all other faceoffs. Perhaps you can find an angle that makes it harder for the wingers to get to......worth trying. *With stick lift faceoffs your angle range is limited with LS, and forehand faceoffs are a toss up between a kick back or full on step in, turn around, and push back. Hard to control those..


The only way to counter the rushing forward to your dman is to let your dman know in advance you're doing that stick lift technique and tell him to cheat in off the face a bit to help avoid it being intercepted or poked. Either that or randomize your faceoffs more so they aren't so predictable. Mix in a few tie ups, lose a few "on purpose" so the other center thinks he is doing well, etc. then win when needed.


Good luck man.

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