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Madden NFL: We Differ in Our Opinions of QB Vision

If you've ever done a search about QB Vision on any of the communities that were active then, you'd have seen TNT713 (that's me) throwing rotten eggs at QB Vision every chance he got...


It feel it was the WORST thing ever added to Madden. It made the game unplayable for 2 years for me and was the impetus for my abandoning the PS2 and upgrading to PS3. I wrote a paper for college and sent it to Phil Frazier, who then held the position Rex **** holds now, which he read...


Madden NFL: We Differ in Our Opinions of QB Vision


It cited a wide variety of reasons QB Vision was horrible including:


1. Normal humans have 135 degrees of peripheral vision, but some of the quarterbacks in Madden were more like 10 degrees. Stroke victims see better than that.


2. Latency during that period was a problem as players weren't yet upgrading their internet connections. Many were still on 56k Dial-up modems. Every joystick input could have been delayed by up to half a second. Adding more inputs merely made the game unplayable.


3. Made the default for online ranked and All-Madden in it's first year of existence. No one was given an option to play with QB Vision, it was forced upon us. I personally played 100 games before switching back - except I couldn't.


All in all, I talked with Phil about QB Vision and he admitted that it was close to his heart because he worked on it. But after he read my paper, it was made optional for online ranked games on Madden '08 either by the settings menu or by using R3 to toggle it on and off. They discovered that virtually NO ONE used it and voluntarily it disappeared completely.


QB Vision wasn't the great QB differentiation tool it was touted to be. It was created in response to all the people that were unable to stop scrambling quarterbacks on Madden 04 and again on Madden 05, even after the defensive adjustments and the new purple zone was added.


Dare I say... I HATED QB VISION.


If you want to read it I'll be happy to republish the paper.

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