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Madden NFL: Abusing the Ai or Their Opponent?

I've been playing Madden for 20+ years. For the past 14 years exclusively against human opponents either Head-2-head or random ranked opponents online. I've learned that the AI isn't the problem (not since defensive hot routes in Madden '05). Some opponents are keenly adept at stopping what I thought was a gimmie and vice versa.


Fact is, the AI is a crutch... Of course it's not perfect. And if you're playing the CPU it's going to call plays in situations that don't make sense. But against a human opponent, there's NOTHING they can do that is 1) physically possible in real life and 2) legal in the game of football that cannot be countered effectively using the tools we have at our disposal.


Madden NFL: Abusing the AI or Their Opponent?


Which brings me to a point that I'll illustrate with a few analogies... Given a car with 500 hp, a great driver will make it drift effortlessly around a corner at high rates of speed; a terrible driver will wrap it around a pole. Given a woodshop with the best tools, a great craftsman will create some of the most beautiful furniture; a bad craftsman will lose a finger or two. Last one, given a Madden game and a controller, a great Madden player will create some amazingly persuasive football, a bad player will get punked and blame the AI.


My point, gentlemen, is this: AI and Cheese are non football terms tossed around by the uninformed. It's not like any of the guys pointing to holes in the AI are AI experts. They are laymen at best who haven't written a line of code in their lives. Even more, they aren't football strategists they are glorified spectators with an axe to grind.


It's easier to say, "I got sacked because the AI is bad," than it is to say that you got sacked because you didn't come out in the right formation to pick up the blitz. It's easier to blame an opponent for being "cheesy" than to examine a personal strategic weakness and take steps to correct it.


The use of CHEESE and AI as scapegoats are cop-outs... Same thing when I beat a highly ranked guy and they send me a message that I'm glitching. He doesn't know that my bookshelf is stocked with books about football, he doesn't know I have 15 years of notes about plays, concepts, and ideas that I still refer to. They don't put in WORK, but worse than that, they don't seem to want to benefit from those that have consistently gotten better. They are either looking for the latest quick win strategy or the age old excuse.


Same argument... Different day for 14 years.

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