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Madden Franchise Mode - Recruiting XB1

There are 84 Legends available on teams.


Currently we are Just about to start season 3. We have 9 users (Started with 22 but the rest have been weeded out - so the guys left are all legit). We advance every 48 hours or when everyone's game has been played.


We do not have strict SIM rules although good sportsmanship is required. We have no rules/stipulations when playing CPU as long as the game is within reason (Scoring more than 60 points a game regularly is not reasonable lol).


Madden Franchise Mode - Recruiting XB1


If someone is exploiting the game or practicing unfair play we will discuss it democratically as a league on Groupme (Groupme is a MUST).


Lots of teams are available. Please message me if you are interested



You must use groupme to communicate and organize user games

You must communicate if you are unable to play your game

You must be proactive and organize your User games ahead of time - communicate and let people know if you are going to be unable to play.


After joining the league, you will be on a probationary period and will not be allowed to conduct any trades. After your first season is over, you will be allowed to conduct trades (This is flexible depending on how you are as a new member - This will be left to the commissioners discretion)


Hope to see you in our Franchise!

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