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Madden 18: the screen to rotate after a turnover

Prior to Madden NFL 25 (Barry Sanders on the cover) tho things happened in Madden that were wrong where interceptions were concerned.


First, any pass throw toward the sidelines would be dropped by the defender if his momentum would cause him to land out of bounds. It was literally IMPOSSIBLE for a defender to land out of bounds while in possession of the ball. Meanwhile a receiver would often catch the ball and land with one foot out of bounds (not awarded the catch). Veteran Madden players were aware that defenders would NEVER intercept passes near the sidelines, so you saw a lot of sideline passes thrown where the defender NEVER caught it, but the receiver might.


Madden 18: the screen to rotate after a turnover


Second, a defender that leaped to intercept a pass was given possession IMMEDIATELY when his hands cam into contact with the ball. The screen would rotate with the defender in the air, and he was able to run when he landed.


I was in Orlando for EA Football Community Day and after one of the devs finished his presentation we were about to let out for the night. Someone asked if there was anything else... So I mentioned the things above. I was told that the reason the defenders ALWAYS dropped a pass near the sideline was linked to the point where defenders were awarded possession. They purposely didn't award possession to a defender in the air IF he was going to land with one foot out of bounds.


I asked if that could change, because it was important for a few reasons. One, there was no danger for offensive users throwing passes to the sidelines. Two, defenders awarded possession in the air could be stripped of the ball by nearby offensive players BEFORE they hit the ground. Three, NFL rules state that a catch is not considered a catch until the ball is controlled by a player AND two feet (or it's equivalent) are established in the field of play.


I explained that having the screen rotate only after the defender came down with the ball would change how people play the game, especially near the sidelines. Then I asked if they could get it into that year's game, which would have been Madden 13 (Calvin Johnson on Cover). There were a lot of blank faces and an uncomfortable silence for a few seconds as the 4 or 5 devs that were in the room looked around at each other. Then one said, they wouldn't be able to do it for that year but they could get it in the next version of the game.


I flew back to Los Angeles and pretty much forgot about the whole conversation until I played Madden NFL 25. I caught an interception with a linebacker and the screen didn't rotate until I landed. It felt weird. REALLY WEIRD. Later I threw a pass to the sideline, which Richard Sherman caught and landed with one foot out of bounds. The screen didn't rotate.


As you can imagine, I was as giddy as a school-girl. I called some friends. It was awesome knowing that something I suggested made it into the game. Then I took about 2 years off of playing Madden like a fanatic. I might have gotten 75 games in during that period.


That said, tell your cousin to "STOP CRYING." The screen doesn't rotate until the defense has the ball with 2 feet in bounds. And you cannot challenge a change of possession because it's automatically reviewed by the booth. If the fumble were iffy, the booth review is triggered after both players select their play. The replay isn't displayed, but the results are shown as overturned or upheld. You can't challenge scoring plays either because they are also automatically reviewed.

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