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Madden 17 Freezes on Loadscreen

Playing on a Playstation 3. About half the time it's freezing on a loadscreen, entering or exiting a game on franchise mode. Not that it should at all matter... but I'm using custom playbooks(as Doug Pederson's is bad and untrue to life on both offense and defense).


Kind of ruining what fun there is, apparently there's still no subs in this game despite what I was told, in fact there's a lot that isn't in this game, another example being challenges. Do any of the devs know anything about football? Why can't I choose my offensive and defensive coordinators? And special teams coach? What gives?? Who the **** is B. Fischer(Defensive coordinator?? As far as I can tell on the game, a picture of a fat red head guy... the defensive coordinator of the Eagles is Jim Schwartz. And he runs a 4-3, NOT a 3-4 as the game suggests and tries to run). 


Madden 17 Freezes on Loadscreen


Where are the secondary matchups(Like they existed in older games)? Even in game subs, I have no way to pitting a specific DB on a specific WR, etc.


Has anything improved from 25...?


How ever in the world is it possible that Madden 05 on Playstation 2 was more immersive and had more gameplay features than this one?


Maybe somebody like John Gruden should consult? Or you start reading what your fans are saying.


I was once a hardcore madden player. Back when the games were immersive simulators. Today? I'm thinking about taking this game back and getting something else.

Looks like ps3 was completely ignored when it came to madden, as usual, EA doesn't seem to care. This is why I don't play console games, somehow gameplay quality has gone backwards now that madden doesn't have direct competition.


Anybody care?will tell.

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