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I Love the Rap Style Soundtrack in Madden 18

Hey guys, what do you feel about the soundtrack in Madden 18, love or not love? You know, I really love the style of the soundtrack - Rap, I always love rap in my life. And when I play Madden 18 and hear the soundtrack, I fall in love with it immediately!


My impression of rap is that there is a fine line between terrible and good. That which is good is not what I'd seek out, but it's at least tolerable. Basically, to me, if it sounds like someone is using a meter or has at least some rhythm in their voice, it's good. If it just sounds like someone talking and drawing out their words to make it sound like music, I can't listen to it at all. What we have in here is not tolerable.


I Love the Rap Style Soundtrack in Madden 18


Now, I don't expect my metal music to be in here, but some rock, maybe some pop would be good. Better rap songs would be good, too.


I have disabled all but 1 or 2 of the non-orchestral tracks, and I may get rid of those, too, because they're the only songs I hear on the game.


I listen to rap/hip hop but not that crap. Only decent song on the soundtrack is DNA and I've personally beat that entire album to death since it released.. I ended up turning everything off literally a day after I bought the game and have been rolling with the orchestra tracks. It just feels more authentic.


This is easily the WORST soundtrack I've heard in ANY sports game... NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA... all of them. Within 15 minutes I was going through the list clicking off tracks. Ended up turning on all of the NFL orchestral tracks and leaving on maybe 3-4 of the songs. But those will probably go soon, too.


The first thing I do in a sports game is to choose and turn off all the music on the menu. However, I allowed Madden's orchestra. In the development can save a lot of money, I think if there is no production of lame soundtrack.


I will always love Madden games, just like many other madden fans, we are both a part of madden family. Although, I don't have so much time to play maddem in day life, I would make some time to play it, even 15 minutes. And reallly thank to MNFLCoins, where I usually buy madden mobile coins from, with their support, I can own more coins in game.

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