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I am a hardcore player of Madden NFL games

First, I'll say that we seem to all agree that the risk of not punting on 4th down outweighs the rewards of going for it on 4th down most of the time. What we disagree about are a few key points about what should happen as a result, I'll try to address them...


Definition of "Hardcore": I believe that being hardcore is a representation of how we prepare to play Madden instead of whether a player plays Madden similarly to how NFL teams actually play. I consider myself hardcore because I strive to maximize my awareness to become the best player I can be utilizing my available skills. I also try to play smart football regardless of how SIM, STR8, Freestyle, or Tourney others categorize my chosen strategy. That said, I consider some of the players that go for it on 4th to be just as hardcore; and some that kick punts/FG to NOT be hardcore simply based on whether they take a realistic approach to preparation.


I am a hardcore player of Madden NFL games


For years, EA has tried to protect the weakest among us in vain. The slippery slope they have created and attempted to sustain has actually handicapped those of us that fit my definition of "hardcore" by limiting how many ways we can replicate real NFL strategies to prevent the unscrupulous players from preying on those who are least equipped to defend themselves. It has also cost resources that could have been devoted to improving the game instead of coddling the needy.


According to my definition of hardcore, if everyone fit, there would be no need to drop effectiveness artificially to dissuade players from going for it on 4th down. Every player would simply man up and face the challenge or be aware that a missed 4th down would be the cause of a loss.


Did I mention that I never quit? That too is the mark of a hardcore player. If I make a poor decision that costs me a chance at winning, I bite the bullet, and accept the consequences. In my opinion, the only thing that would make people rethink 4th down is the inability to immediately play should they quit a game. In today's Madden, bailing on a game is met with no resistance. Quit one game and you'll have another one in a matter of minutes. In real life poor coaching decisions cost a coach/player the ability to continue playing. If quitting a game meant not being able to play for a week, a day, or even an hour afterward - it would simulate a real consequence that would ultimately change the way people played the game - especially on 4th down - that approximates what would happen in real life. It would drastically reduce the number of people that quit and indirectly affect the decisions that lead them to quit in the first place (4th down). It would also change the way many people prepare to play online...


To encapsulate, I believe there would be less ire aimed at the guys that go for it on 4th if they would just accept the consequences and kept playing after a failure on 4th down. I also believe that EA has already taken ample steps, to the point of overreach, to appease the multitudes of pseudo-hardcore players that fail to prepare but still want to face the multitudes; realizing that no matter where they play, they will be viewed as prey. Lastly, I believe that playing Madden against head-to-head competition should be viewed as a privilege and an honor code between competitors should be enforced by EA without artificial interference like situational tuning.


Basically, leave the game play alone and create a realistic post game penalty.


Just my two cents...

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