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Beside playing Madden 17 I enjoy watching other people playing the game on youtube

I play online and sponsor head-to-head tournament events. When I hold tournaments, we have a mercy rule where if a player is down by 21 points during any point of the game he has one more possession to score or the game is over. This is not a code of conduct, this is a RULE of the tournament expressly for the purposes of speed. If every blowout went to the end, the tournament would take forever.


But when I play online, I expect every opponent to finish the game as the "code of conduct" unless legitimate non-game related circumstances prevent them from finishing (i.e. Medical emergency). If they must quit because they don't feel like they can win, use the Concede function to exit the game honorably.



Beside playing Madden 17 I enjoy watching other people playing the game on youtube


I have never heard of a code of conduct outside of the tournament setting, but it is very likely that anyone you watch on YouTube is a tournament player that has adopted the mercy rule, that is common in tournaments, as a "code of conduct." A team's strength matters, but only for the strategy used to combat those players. If your team is over-matched by a team with more talent, you have to use what you have to overcome their talent. Sometimes losing is all the reason you need to do something different, and possibly learn something.


That said, don't quit a game when you're losing. I have personally come back to win 2 games when I was down 24 points at halftime. Each comeback required that I do something new. So I payed more attention to my opponent, found his weakness, and attacked it on both sides of the ball. But you can't come back if you quit.


They say football is an emotional game, which puzzles me, because emotion never won any of them. Emotion is the enemy of sound judgement. It's the emotion that tells you to quit. It's the emotion that says nothing is working. Logic says otherwise. There is always a logical reason something works or doesn't. Personally, I focus on 3 things: Personnel, Position, Tempo. in essence, i want to get the right people, to the right place, at the right time. Nothing emotional about it.


I only play humans, never play the CPU. The CPU doesn't have tendencies you can decipher and exploit like humans do in head-to-head competition. People have habits, however subtle, that you can figure out and interrupt if you can pick up on them.


Madden uses our mental, physical, and emotional abilities. If you can control your emotions, focus your mental energy, and perfect your physical skills, not only can you avoid getting down, but you can comeback from a deficit even when you do.

Regarding lag... I don't experience it much anymore but when I used to - I considered it to be like a weather condition. That helped me play through it without getting emotional.

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Think being a pass rusher should be more fun. With combos or something. Add maybe a speed burst button not the like the sprint button to gain the edge for faster players.


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I've been playing Madden for 20+ years. For the past 14 years exclusively against human opponents either Head-2-head or random ranked opponents online.


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I prefer the method that is currently in effect for online play. On 4th down, the play call screen AUTOMATICALLY sends players to the special teams menu to select a punt.


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