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14 Things Madden NFL Dev Team Need to Do

1. Remove the nerf. Even though I have an 82 overall team and I would suffer in some areas, it's ridiculous that defensive tackles are catching up to BCA Deangelo Williams.


2. Adjust ball speed. The ball goes way to slowly when it is thrown. This makes it so that it is nearly impossible to complete passes to go routes and out routes. In fact, it is slower than the players, and in reality even lobs are faster than the players. For example, on deep bombs, the quarterback waits until the receiver is like 20 yards down field until he throws the ball and the receiver still has to catch up to the ball.


3. Adjust receiver targeting. When a receiver is targeted, it is a common occurrence that the ball is thrown to another receiver. Either solve this by making the ball always go the receiver that was clicked on, or have the ball go to the spot on the screen that was clicked on, even if that spot wasn't a receiver icon, which would also help with the next issue...


4. Have quarterbacks lead their targets. Even with the 99 overall quarterbacks of last year's game and the one before it, balls would be under thrown or thrown behind the receiver. This is evident on drag/crossing routes, deep lobs, and to a lesser extent on all other routes. On drag/crossing routes, receivers are forced to reach behind them quite frequently, and on deep lobs, the ball doesn't go past the receiver allowing for an over the shoulder catch. Instead, the receiver stops and waits, sometimes for even more than a second, causing it to just be a jump ball between 4 defenders and the receiver.


5. Fix defender speed/insane jumps. What infuriatingly happens at least once every drive is a group of 4 defenders somehow catching up to a receiver before he catches the ball, especially on deep throws, even if they are 20 yards away. This relates to fixing ball speed too, but sometimes what happens is that a defensive player leaps about 8 yards to defend a pass, nearly teleporting.


14 Things Madden NFL Dev Team Need to Do


6. Remove the useless sets. Who in their right mind is going to trade in like 11 elite trophies and other additional things for a base elite?


7. Fix kickoffs. The returner rarely gets past the 20 yard line, which is 5 yards short of the touchback line (25 yard line). This is a mix of the nerf which makes the offense slow and the insane speed of defenders.


8. Fix the graphics. This isn't 2004. EA, you've showed us you have the ability to make quality graphics for mobile games in FIFA Mobile (btw a "save and exit" button is needed for H2H in that game) and NBA Live Mobile. Now put those in Madden Mobile.


9. Slightly increase pack odds. This makes the game more fun and if people are pulling more, then they are more encouraged to continue. This will also get you more money, EA.


10. Fix quarterback running. Bring the scrambling timer down to 3 or even 2. Scrambling isn't as broken as it was thought, mainly because of the nerf and insane defender speed which allows DTs to catch up to 86 speed Marcus Mariota. 

Additionally, quarterbacks juke to even a lesser extent that other players, even if they have higher states. Trucking is even worse, with the quarterback getting continuously flattened. Also, fumbling is an issue, because even if they have high strength and carry, they will fumble. This needs to be fixed by having the quarterback play up to his stats or having a slide button.


11. Remove the stupid catching animations. The two worst are when a receiver catches the ball but then drops it when a defender engages in an animation that looks like a block, and when the ball bounces off a running back or fullbacks hand and bounces like 5 yards in the air.


12. Fix ball physics. This also has to do with catching animations and ball speed. The ball bounces in strange ways. For example on kickoffs or punts, it sometimes goes 20 yards in a bounce, and not just in the air, but to a side. Also, sometimes the ball gets stuck between a huddle of players, draining out the play clock and sometimes resulting an interception. Tipped balls also fly up way to far and high in the air.


13. Fix player movement. Players seem chunky (again, fix the graphics) and move that way. Cutting/jukes are nearly impossible, and when they are done successfully, it is when the juke was made when the player was about 10 yards away from the defender. Conversely, it is too easy to truck.


14. Reconsider H2H. There are many alternatives to the outdated and boring system currently in place. Either H2H drives could be removed altogether, forsaken for a whole live game, or quarters/halves like in FIFA Mobile, which would be great because it would allow for players to play on defense and eliminate the need for counters, or more minor changes could be made.  

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